Hello, I am Bailey Graham, a digital artist who made home in London UK.
My work commonly explores nature, and the theme of 'cozy home' with a very Canadian, cottage style.
Growing up in Canada put me in direct contact with the outdoors, bringing together both my love of nature and my idea of home. Early in 2022, after becoming homesick while in the UK, I started turning to Illustration to express how I seen Canada through my eyes, putting a strong emphasis on nature. I now work freelance, taking in multiple commissions a month while balancing a creative life.
I find myself diving into different practices, such as sculpture, mixed media painting and music, finding my own creativity in each.

Starving Artist Gallery Group Show 2016
Starving Artist Gallery Solo show 2016
Paris Fair Art Competition, First place, painting age 15-20
NSCAD Student Exhibition 2019
Featured on The Bully Project Mural, 2019
Young Blood Virtual Exhibition by The Holy Art, Jan. 19-25 2022
Epiphany group exhibition | March 4-19 2022
Boomer Gallery | Icon Exhibition | March 10-April 10 2022
Divine Feminine Exhibition | March 10

Published in book: textbook “Edusfera - Educação Física (Título Provisório) - Volume único - 1ª Edição. Uso: impresso e digital.” 2021
Published: Covid art museum, Playground Zine, 2020 @playground.br
Huts Magazine Issue's unveil section 2022
Cover of JaamZin Creative Magazine, Feb 2022

David Moore Art Prize, 2015
Art Honors, 2015
Creative Covers, selected Zine Cover, Adobe Project 1324, 2019

Nova Scotia College Of Art And Design (NSCAD), 2017
Bachelor of fine arts
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